Perrin Bitterleaf

Perrin Bitterleaf is a male halfling ranger from the village of Westfork. In his mid 40’’s, he looks as rugged and weathered as halflings can get. Somewhat restless, he maintains no permanent home, instead setting up temporary campsites as he ranges in the wilderness around Westfork. He infrequently returns to the village, to resupply or indulge in a stay at the inn.

The first time the Heroes of Hawksbridge came to Westfork, Perrin bumped in to Shivra at the Inn of the Brass Tankard. He initially mistook her for someone else, saying “I thought you said you would not return!?” Upon realizing his mistake, he apologized, saying that he thought she was an elven rogue that had previously stolen from the village. When Shivra turned for a moment to talk to her companions, Perrin was able to slip out of the inn, unseen.

Later, one of the bartenders at the Inn of the Brass Tankard quietly revealed to Stravo that rumors stated Perrin had encountered another drow in the wilderness around town. Exaggeration and lies in the retelling made it difficult to know what really happened, but they all agree on one thing: in a move inconsistent with most dark elves, this one seemed more interested in getting away rather than seek conflict.

Perrin’s current whereabouts are unknown.

Perrin Bitterleaf

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