Redhand Goblin Tribe

The Redhand are the few surviving remnants of a once larger goblin tribe that dwelt in the ruins of the Malachite Fortress. A group of minotaurs and orcs approached the Redhand Tribe, offering them a chance to ally themselves to the minotaurs. When the Redhand chiefain asked for time to decide, the minotaurs and orcs left, only to return later to slaughter the tribe.

A few of the faster and luckier goblins escaped. Under the leadership of Vraag, the survivors banded together and headed south, in search of a safe haven to rebuild their tribe. Instead, they found themselves still hunted by a band of extremely stealthy and deadly dragonspawn, led by a brutal orc ranger.

Despite being wrongly accused of attacking human settlements, the Redhand survivors came under the protection of the Heroes of Hawksbridge. The hunting dragonspawn were killed or driven off and the surviving goblins made their way to a series of caves near the Dragonwater River, a much safer place for them to recover.

Nominally led by Vraag, the Redhand Goblins are much more peaceful and cooperative than most of their vicious kin.

Redhand Goblin Tribe

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