Westfork is a small village in the Hawkstone Vale, not far from where streams of water runoff from the Redstone Hills pour into the Dragonwater River. It is usually reached by travelling down the river, although seldom used overland trails link the village to the Old Trade Road.

Aside from the sizable docks and a few above ground buildings, there isn’t much to alert travelers that this is a vibrant, thriving village. Much of the residents live in burrows, cut into the foothills that overlook the river. Between two of the hills, a small stream runs toward the river, past a mill with a waterwheel. The biggest building of interest is the Inn of the Brass Tankard, which can comfortably house either halflings or big folk.

Westfork’s population is a little less than two hundred inhabitants, primarily halfling. The village’s calm, quiet and relaxed environment attracts a diverse group, so humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and even dragonborn can be found here as well.

NPC’s in and around Westfork
Aldon, halfing
Perrin Bitterleaf, halfling ranger

Places of Interest in Westfork
Inn of the Brass Tankard, inn and tavern
Westfork Shipping, a collection of docks and warehouses along the river that service the merchant barges that travel along the river

Rumors heard in Westfork
- The hills to the west of the village are haunted by demons! There are ruins deep in the Redstone Hills inhabited by cultists and their otherworldly allies.
- A drow elf has been seen in the area nearby. It must be a scout for a drow raiding party! Maybe they’re after the casks of Dragonwater Pale hidden in Quettory’s cellar, the finest wine in the vale! Surely worth more than its weight in gold!
- A green dragon has been attacking merchant barges moving along the river. It was probably hired by rival merchants to ensure Hofflik Kaese’s cheeses never make it to larger markets. His cheeses are so good, they’d probably corner the market on gourmet cheese!

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